Meet The Founder

Endhome was founded on the idea that real estate clients should feel confident and secure during the closing process of their transaction. 

Having spent years in both the real estate and legal industry, Brianna Frith noticed that this wasn’t always the case. 

On one hand, she saw real estate clients who had one too many bad experiences with lawyers and were concerned about finding reliable services to close their property sale. On the other, she worked alongside countless legal professionals with values and integrity who had trouble finding real estate clients to trust them. 

A natural-born entrepreneur, Brianna identified the gap in the market and decided to create a solution.

In 2022, Brianna founded Endhome, drawing on her previous experience in real estate law and mortgage brokering to connect clients with the province’s top legal talent. 

Our consultancy bridges the gap between quality services and homeowners to ensure a seamless home-closing process. 

Having spent years around lawyers, Brianna admits that customer management is not necessarily a strong suit of the industry. With her background in customer service, and business development, she connects clients with professionals that have been personally vetted for integrity.

Brianna’s passion for the real estate industry is evident in her partner-centric approach. She always goes above and beyond to cultivate sustainable business partnerships and mitigate issues before they arise. 

Her mission with Endhome is to remove the stigma attached to legal services in the real estate world by partnering with reliable firms that operate from a place of integrity.

Endhome partners with top legal talent in real estate to take the guesswork out of home-closing.

Whether you need a quick contract review, advice, or representation, we are here to find the most qualified professional to handle your case.

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