Deal of the Month: Lenders and Private Mortgage Refinancing
Picture of Brianna Frith

Brianna Frith

Author, Founder at Endhome

Did you know that Endhome’s services don’t just stop at the standard home purchase? Take our newest deal of the month for example!

In a digital age where remote services are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, we proved once again the efficacy of our unique business model; Virtual signing. A mortgage lender, recommended by one of our broker referral partners in Ontario, sought their services to refinance a private mortgage. The lender’s in-house lawyer was unavailable for the month, thus our expert team was called upon to collaborate with the borrower’s legal representative and facilitate the process.

The deal was settled with the help of online communications and a virtual signing appointment, allowing all parties to effectively fulfill the necessary conditions and requests on time. Virtual signing not only saved the lender and borrower valuable time and resources, but it also eliminated the need for physical meetings, reducing the risk of potential delays or complications.

Endhome’s unwavering commitment to providing top-notch services was evident in our seamless completion of this private mortgage refinance. The lender was overjoyed with the level of service they received and has recommended us to their network of brokers and clients. 

The benefits of virtual business, such as efficiency and flexibility, are now more apparent than ever before. Endhome’s expertise and ability to navigate the digital landscape as well as provide the right lawyers and expertise for any situation once again leads to a successful deal. 

No matter the situation at hand, we offer many ways to help settle your next transaction. From broker, estate agent to lender; we have the right experts to help make your deal as seamless as possible.