Sales and Purchases: How do we help you?
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Brianna Frith

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Are you a seller? 

Lawyers referred by Endhome offer guaranteed competitive fees and disbursements for their real estate transactions. Our fees and disbursements for a standard residential sale transaction will be indicated upon submission of your file. Your third-party closing costs include a law society levy of 65 + HST. Additional third-party closing costs could apply such as but are not limited to: government document registrations and other fees, HST, Tax or, Utility Certificates, Search Fees, cost of Status Certificate and creditors’ letters are typically not included.

Are you here to purchase?

Your third-party closing costs are estimated to be: government registration costs, title insurance premiums and land transfer tax. Title insurance premiums are based on the purchase price and location. Click here on the FCT Residential Title Insurance Premium Calculator to estimate your title insurance premium and the related administration fee. Please be advised this is a quote only from FCT and it varies based on your property characteristics and risk profile and is subject to change on your closing date. This is only for estimation purposes.

If you qualify as a First Time Home Buyer, you will be responsible for the Ontario Land Transfer Tax, in addition to Toronto Land Transfer Tax if applicable, when you purchase your home. If you are a First Time Home Buyer, this amount will be reduced by a maximum of $4,000.00 on closing. To calculate your Land Transfer Tax click here.