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Our directory makes it easy to connect with a professional. A real estate agent can help you find your dream home for a great price, and a mortgage agent can provide you with a variety of financing options.

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Chris Butryn, BA, LLB

Broker | Royal LePage Connect

Brianna Goslin

Mortgage Agent | Pineapple Mortgages


James Fox

Mortgage Agent | Morcan Financial

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Valentina Galliani

Mortgage Agent | The Financial Forum

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Milind Jog

Realtor | Royal LePage Credit Valley

Tiffany Quaye

Mortgage Agent | Matrix Mortgage Global

the founder

Purchasing your first home should begin with careful planning. Lots of diligent research and guidance!

With years of experience working in the mortgage industry, as well as real estate law, I’ve been granted the rare opportunity to innovate the legal process while promoting cost-effective closing costs by finding Endhome. Our team of lawyers are backed by true integrity and experience to cut through the noise and provide our real estate clients with everything they need to know so that they can apprehend.

Whether you need a quick contract review, advice, or representation, we are here to find the most qualified legal expert to handle your case.

Brianna Frith

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re buying or selling a home, you need a real estate agent. A real estate specialist can help you find the right home for your needs, negotiate with the seller and other parties involved in the transaction, handle the paperwork and any inspections that are necessary, and more.

Yes! You should definitely work with both a mortgage and real estate advisor when buying a home. Together, these professionals will make sure that you get the best possible financing options for your purchase—and they’ll be there every step of the way during negotiations with sellers and other parties involved in the transaction.

A real estate agent is an expert who helps you find and buy the right home. They will work with you to find the right neighbourhood, amenities, price point, and more. A mortgage agent helps you get pre-approved for a loan—so if you find something you like, they’ll help make sure you can afford it before you go through with the purchase.

A mortgage agent can assist in determining what kind of loan you qualify for and can help you secure funding once you have found your dream home.

Nope. It’s totally free to use our Agent Directory, or to speak with one of our listed agents. We are not affiliated with these agents, and they are not partnered with Endhome. 

We love working with agents, and brokers! You can email us at to submit your request.

Endhome offers complimentary closing services to homeowners and real estate professionals across Canada. We house a group of experienced lawyers who specialize in real estate and virtual signing. We accomodate in-person, virtual and mobile signings for our clients. Learn more about us here.

The answer to that question is a resounding yes. In Canada, title transfers can only be completed by a lawyer. This ensures the change of ownership is documented accurately, and keeps the parties protected against fraud. The closing costs applicable to your transaction may vary and you can see our legal fees listed on our portal. We provide free lawyer consultations to give you a complimentary discovery call, with a quotation breakdown. Please send us your application here to start the closing process.

Our Agent Directory is easy to navigate! Whether you’re looking for residential, commercial, or construction real estate, search our directory for a wide variety of professionals that can service your needs.

Endhome has offices located in Ontario and Western Canada giving us a broad reach across the Country. Our legal team is currently well-positioned to serve clients in both emerging and developed provinces including: Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Contact us at (416) 613-2503 to receive a free consultation with your real estate lawyer.


For all inquiries and questions, send our team an email. We’re happy to answer any questions and get back to inquiries as soon as possible.