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Frequently Asked Questions

Great Question! What we are is the bridge between you and the lawyer you need. We act like a matchmaker, taking your request and matching you to the best possible lawyer to help. We aim to foster a community of experts and those who need their expertise. Make that connection and join our community now; follow our newsletter!

Our goal at Endhome is to be not only your first choice but your choice going forward as well; a partner in your Homeownership Journey. From Estate Planning to legal representation and advice, we cater to various needs and want those needs met by the best of the best. Let us provide you with just that, and start a file today.

Whether you’ve closed several transactions or are just starting, Endhome prepares you to make informed decisions on your future clients’ solicitor selection plan. Our approach is partner-centric which means we understand that you’re not satisfied until your clients are impressed.

We are currently well-positioned to serve clients in both emerging and developed Canadian provinces. We have offices in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

We offer a free initial consultation to new clients to help you better understand your needs and our range of services. Simply email us to get a consultation set up right away.

Endhome is happy to provide mobile, virtual and in-person signing appointments. We are delighted to meet your needs online, over the phone or in person. If you ever need our support team, our office is available through phone, email or text for 24/7 support.

Where can I learn more about Endhome?

Glad you asked! If you’d like to learn more about who we are and our story, check out our founder’s story here or reach out to us through our social media!

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The Solution Of Tomorrow

Read our article about the benefits of having a real estate lawyer here.

What is Endhome’s Homeowner Guide?

Here at Endhome, we want to provide you with the most knowledge and resources available to make the best decision. That is why we share with you, free of charge, the Homeowner’s e-guide. It is a quick PDF that gives an overview of some key things you, the homeowner, will need to be prepared for homeownership. This includes information about what your lawyer may be looking for, terms you should be aware of, a checklist to help along the way and more. If you would like a copy, let us know!

Homeowner's E-guide

A practical tool helping you navigate the legal atmosphere with confidence.