How Real Estate Lawyers Can Boost Your Network
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Brianna Frith

Brianna Frith

Author, Founder at Endhome

Ever wonder why real estate lawyers seem to have such big networks?

It turns out their line of work puts them in the perfect position to connect with everyone involved in a real estate deal. As a real estate agent or mortgage broker, building relationships with real estate lawyers in your area can open up a whole new world of networking and referral opportunities.

When buyers and sellers are going through the closing process, they rely heavily on their real estate lawyer to guide them through all the legal paperwork and requirements. They also trust that lawyer’s judgement in recommending other professionals like yourself to help facilitate the deal. If that lawyer knows and respects you and the work you do, you’ll be at the top of the list for referrals. You’ll gain access to new clients needing your services, and the lawyer gains a trusted partner in the real estate process.

Talk about a win-win. Make the time to connect with real estate lawyers in your neighbourhood. Take them out for coffee or lunch, get to know them, and find ways to work together. They can become one of your best sources for new leads and networking, all while helping their own clients achieve their property goals. Building those relationships is well worth the investment.

Referrals: The Lifeblood of Real Estate


As a real estate agent, referrals are the lifeblood of your business. After all, most people buy and sell homes only a few times in their lives, so you need a steady stream of new clients to keep you going. Real estate lawyers are an invaluable source for referrals.

Why? Because their clients rely on them to refer a real estate agent they can trust to represent them in one of the biggest financial transactions of their lives. When a deal closes, who do you think the happy new homeowners will call first when they’re ready to sell or buy another property? Probably the agent their lawyer steered them to.

Take the time to build relationships with real estate attorneys in your area. Drop by their office, bring coffee, introduce yourself, and let them know you’re available whenever they need an agent they can count on to provide top-notch service to their clients. Offer to co-host a client education event or write a guest blog post for their website. Little gestures like these go a long way in earning trust and demonstrating your expertise.

The best part is, referrals from real estate lawyers are typically highly qualified leads. These clients value professionalism and discretion, just like their attorneys, so they tend to be well-prepared and motivated to buy or sell. Focus on wowing them with your knowledge, responsiveness and guidance. Give them an amazing experience, and you’ll have loyal clients for life who will, in turn, refer you to others. The cycle continues!

Building a referral network with real estate lawyers is well worth the effort. Their clients become your clients, and your success becomes their success. It’s a win-win.

Building Strong Relationships With the Right Real Estate Lawyers


As a real estate agent, finding the right real estate lawyers to partner with is key to building your business. These relationships can lead to referrals and networking opportunities, so take the time to foster them.

Look for real estate lawyers who are discreet, responsive, and provide great service. Their happy clients will become your happy clients. Meet with a few, discuss their experience, credentials, availability, and fees. Find those that align with your values and working style.

Once you establish a good connection, stay in regular contact. Call or email them once a month or so to chat about new listings, recent closings, or industry news. Let them know you appreciate them and the referrals they send your way.

You should also invite real estate lawyers to your office’s events like open houses, client appreciation parties, or seminars. This gives them face time with your clients and staff, raising their visibility and familiarity. In turn, suggest that they invite you to their firm’s events to network with their clients.

Over time, as you build trust and loyalty with real estate lawyers, refer only your best clients to them. This ensures a great experience for your clients and strengthens your partnership. With the right real estate lawyers on your team, you’ll have a network of valuable connections to help grow your business. Focus on communication, reciprocity, and providing mutual benefit. These relationships can lead to more referrals, increased visibility, and new opportunities.

FAQs: Networking With Real Estate Lawyers

How can real estate lawyers help boost my network?


As a real estate agent or mortgage broker, developing relationships with real estate lawyers in your area is key. Their clients rely on them to refer trustworthy professionals to help them through the property closing process. By networking with lawyers, you put yourself in a position to receive those referrals.

  • Referrals from real estate lawyers carry a lot of weight with clients since the lawyers have a fiduciary duty to recommend reputable agents and brokers. Receiving a referral from an attorney is a great way to gain new clients.

  • Real estate lawyers can connect you with other professionals like title companies, home inspectors, and insurance agents. These connections expand your network and open up opportunities for cross-referrals.

  • Co-hosting or sponsoring events with real estate lawyers increases your visibility to shared clients and referral partners. Events might include first-time homebuyer seminars, open houses, or client appreciation events.

  • Serving on community boards or in professional organizations alongside real estate lawyers raises your credibility and profile. Working together on initiatives to improve the local real estate industry strengthens your working relationship and referral partnership.

  • Provide value to real estate lawyers by offering your expertise on the local real estate market. Educate them on trends in home prices, mortgage rates, and inventory so they have the latest information to share with their clients. Your knowledge and insights will make you a go-to resource.

In summary, developing mutually beneficial relationships with real estate lawyers through networking, co-marketing, and education is a worthwhile investment of your time. The payoff of increased referrals and a wider professional network can positively impact your business for years to come.

So don’t underestimate the connections you can make by networking with real estate lawyers. Their very job depends on maintaining confidentiality and discretion for their clients, so when they do refer someone to you, you know it’s a warm lead. And since nearly every real estate transaction involves legal work, lawyers are working with new clients on a regular basis.  Before you know it, they’ll be sending new clients your way and helping you grow your business through word-of-mouth. Real estate lawyers can be powerful allies, so make nurturing those relationships a priority. The connections you make will be invaluable.