For Realtors: Maximize Your Open-House with a Lawyer by Your Side
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Brianna Frith

Brianna Frith

Author, Founder at Endhome

Endhome now offers to join you and your clients at open houses to provide legal guidance and answer any questions that come up. Our team of real estate lawyers can address topics like:

– Mortgage terms and conditions
– Title searches and insurance
– Closing costs and fees
– Property disclosure statements
– Common clauses in offers and agreements

Having an Endhome lawyer at your open house means never having to tell a client “I don’t know, I’ll have to get back to you.” We can answer legal questions on the spot so buyers and sellers leave with confidence they’ve made the right decision.

1.Confidence at every open house
When you take Endhome to an open house, you’ll exude confidence knowing you have legal experts on call to answer buyers’ questions. Our lawyers can address concerns about the contract, financing, inspections and more so you can focus on selling the home’s features. Buyers will appreciate the professionalism and peace of mind that Endhome provides.

2.Close deals faster with legal expertise
Endhome’s real estate lawyers have closed thousands of transactions and know all the potential pitfalls that can slow a deal down. With Endhome by your side, you’ll identify and resolve issues early to keep the deal moving smoothly. Our expertise helps deals close on time and on terms, so you can start earning your commission faster.

3.More open house appointments turn into offers
When buyers know an experienced real estate attorney is available to answer their legal questions, they feel more comfortable making an offer. Endhome’s presence at your open houses reassures buyers that you’re a professional who can guide them through the process. That confidence translates into more offers and faster sales for you.

4.Expert advice for your buyer-clients, at no cost to them
Endhome’s legal services are free for your buyer-clients, so you can genuinely offer them value beyond just the home itself. Our lawyers can review contracts, draft and respond to counteroffers, and negotiate terms on their behalf. Your buyer-clients benefit from having an advocate looking out for their best interests, while you benefit from earning their trust.

5.Set yourself apart from other realtors in your market
Most realtors don’t have legal representation at their open houses. By partnering with Endhome, you’ll stand out from the competition and show buyers you’re committed to making their experience as easy and secure as possible. That kind of client-focused service helps you build a loyal following of clients who come back to you time and time again.

If you’re a realtor interested in boosting your open house game with an Endhome lawyer, send an email to today.
We look forward to joining you and helping take your real estate business to the next level!